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You care what you put inside your body—you seek out pure, unprocessed foods and wholesome ingredients. Why not lavish the same attention on the outside of your body?

At Sustainable Worth, we think of our Organic Bath and Body Products as nutrition from the outside-in. Our products are hand crafted in small batches and made with only the purest organic food-grade ingredients. We worked with an expert herbalist to develop intoxicating aromatherapy-grade essential oil mixtures that are nurturing for both the body and soul.

Beyond creating luxurious skin-care products so good for you they will actually improve the health and quality of your skin, we at Sustainable Worth are committed to creating a sustainable business that uses as many locally grown and produced ingredients as possible.

We grow our own rose petals, peonies, mint and calendula in an organic garden on the eastern foothills of the Cascade Mountains. Any ingredients that won’t thrive in our mountain climate are obtained from rigorously selected sources. We track everything that goes into every jar by crafting all products in small batches and dating them for freshness. The entire line is free of dyes, parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, and synthetic preservatives with absolutely NO ANIMAL TESTING!

We may be a small organic bath & body company based in the Methow Valley of Washington, but we are BIG in our belief in uncompromising quality, sustainability and respect for the environment. Every aspect of our production from start to finish is consciously considered. Our intention is to make the most luxurious, healthful products while respecting our core value of supporting a living planet.

We believe our values are worth the effort and we hope you do too.

Questions? Comments? We are committed to providing customer service as personalized as our products. We would love to hear from you at 509-997-2246 or

Featured Product

Organic Lip Goo Lip-Goo.jpg

Honeylicious! 1/2 oz.  Twist lid container.

Lip Goo is a healing salve of organic oils and bee products that attracts moisture from the air to leave the lips with a long-lasting, soft and supple feel. Honeylicious! 

Ingredients: Organic Calendula infused Olive Oil, Beeswax, Honey, Bee Pollen Extract, Bee Propolis Extract, Royal Bee Jelly, Non-GMO Tocopherol Vitamin E.